Friday Favorites

Happy Friday!  Each Friday I am going share one of my favorite staging and decor items with you.  I have a lot of favorites so there will always be plenty to share!

This weeks Friday Favorite is……  Glass jars.

I know that seems boring and plain, but…. I use glass jars for EVERYTHING!  I use them in my own house and in nearly every house I stage.  Here are my favorite examples:

Idea #1-Use a glass jar in the laundry room to hold detergent.  It is much prettier than a plastic jug or a box that always has powder falling out.  It can be left out on the counter or near the sink and it looks good and  serves a great purpose.  We all know laundry really isn’t that much fun, so at least we can try to make the laundry room pretty, right?  

Idea #2-Use a couple of glass jars on the kitchen counter to hold decorative items and to add a pop of color.  You can use fruit ( I would go with fake just to prevent spoiling), candy, coffee, snacks-anything that is colorful and fun works perfectly!   You can get apothecary style jars like these here

Idea #3-Glass jars are perfect for holding bathroom necessities.  Fill a jar with cotton balls, swabs and some travel size products and you are done!  This makes a great display, but it is also a pretty way to store the things you use every day.  I like to use a set up like this in the guest room so my  guest have the things they need right in front of them.


Moving Tips and Tricks

We recently moved from Texas to Oklahoma and  purchased our 7th house.   We have moved 9 times and I have learned a few things along the way.  Some would say we are moving experts, but with each move there are always new challenges to navigate and valuable lessons to be learned.

Here are a few things I did this time around that worked that I will be sharing with my staging clients in Oklahoma.


1.  After I packed and cleaned out the kitchen and bathroom cabinets  I used blue painters tape to tape the doors closed.  This was a visual reminder that those spaces were finished and I didn’t  need to check them again.  This was a big time saver because in the past, I wouldn’t remember what cabinets had been cleaned and I know I cleaned some of them numerous times!


2. In addition to an overnight bag, I packed a first night box that went with me in the car so I didn’t have to worry about trying to find bedding, nightlights, Clorox wipes, toilet paper, snacks and other essentials to make our first night in the new house more comfortable.


3. Our house didn’t come with blinds,  so I bought temporary paper shades for the windows prior to the move so I could hang them right away to give us a little privacy in our new rooms.  I am sure the neighbors appreciate not having an open view into our box filled house!


4. I used post it notes to label the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen with what I was planning to put in each one.  This made it much easier for everyone to find things and it helped me thoughtfully plan where everything was going to be put away.


Moving can be challenging  and I hope these tips are helpful for anyone else on a Moving Adventure!


What Is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the process of preparing a property for sale so it appeals to a wide variety of buyers.



Sounds easy, right?   Unfortunately,  isn’t always that simple.  It is difficult for most homeowners to look at their home as a prospective buyer would.   Professional stagers are trained to look at each room of the home objectively and are able to creatively make changes to make the house more appealing to the majority of buyers.   Stagers work with what the homeowner already has to make the house  appealing and desirable to a wide range of buyers.   Over 90% of home buyers look online before they ever look at homes in person so it is critical that the photos of the home show off the property’s best features and attributes.  Professional stagers are trained to highlight the positive aspects of a home and to draw attention away from the price reducing aspects of the home.


Which room would you rather see? The unstaged  room on the left or the professionally staged room on the right?

guest room b:a

Professional staging makes a huge difference!



Home Staging Works!


Staging in today’s real estate market is more critical than ever! Homes that aren’t staged are not selling or worse…they are continually reduced in price to desperately find a buyer.  When a property is professionally staged, it will  appeal to a wide variety of buyers and so the need for costly price reductions is avoided.

What is Staging?


Home Staging is  preparing  a home to sell by a trained professional who specializes in understanding the buyer demographic and  current market trends.  Some Realtors and home sellers will say that they have already “staged” their homes only to find that they will be lowering their price within the month.  There is a vast difference between a home that was simply de-cluttered and cleaned and one that was professionally staged!  Creating the “model home” look is not easily achieved without the help of a trained professional.