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What Is Home Staging?

Home Staging is the process of preparing a property for sale so it appeals to a wide variety of buyers.



Sounds easy, right?   Unfortunately,  isn’t always that simple.  It is difficult for most homeowners to look at their home as a prospective buyer would.   Professional stagers are trained to look at each room of the home objectively and are able to creatively make changes to make the house more appealing to the majority of buyers.   Stagers work with what the homeowner already has to make the house  appealing and desirable to a wide range of buyers.   Over 90% of home buyers look online before they ever look at homes in person so it is critical that the photos of the home show off the property’s best features and attributes.  Professional stagers are trained to highlight the positive aspects of a home and to draw attention away from the price reducing aspects of the home.


Which room would you rather see? The unstaged  room on the left or the professionally staged room on the right?

guest room b:a

Professional staging makes a huge difference!