Monthly Archives: October 2017

Moving Tips and Tricks

We recently moved from Texas to Oklahoma and  purchased our 7th house.   We have moved 9 times and I have learned a few things along the way.  Some would say we are moving experts, but with each move there are always new challenges to navigate and valuable lessons to be learned.

Here are a few things I did this time around that worked that I will be sharing with my staging clients in Oklahoma.


1.  After I packed and cleaned out the kitchen and bathroom cabinets  I used blue painters tape to tape the doors closed.  This was a visual reminder that those spaces were finished and I didn’t  need to check them again.  This was a big time saver because in the past, I wouldn’t remember what cabinets had been cleaned and I know I cleaned some of them numerous times!


2. In addition to an overnight bag, I packed a first night box that went with me in the car so I didn’t have to worry about trying to find bedding, nightlights, Clorox wipes, toilet paper, snacks and other essentials to make our first night in the new house more comfortable.


3. Our house didn’t come with blinds,  so I bought temporary paper shades for the windows prior to the move so I could hang them right away to give us a little privacy in our new rooms.  I am sure the neighbors appreciate not having an open view into our box filled house!


4. I used post it notes to label the cabinets and drawers in the kitchen with what I was planning to put in each one.  This made it much easier for everyone to find things and it helped me thoughtfully plan where everything was going to be put away.


Moving can be challenging  and I hope these tips are helpful for anyone else on a Moving Adventure!