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Home Staging - Artistic Home Staging is dedicated to creating beautiful living spaces that will maximize the market potential of each property so each home sells quickly and for the highest possible price!

Redesign - The mission of our redesign service is to have a thorough understanding of our clients, their home and their day-to-day needs to create an organized, stylish, reflective space that gives them peace, sanctuary and helps them to LOVE their home!

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Staging in today’s real estate market is more critical than ever! Homes that aren’t staged are not selling or worse…they are continually reduced in price to desperately find a buyer.  When a property is professionally staged, it will  appeal to a wide variety of buyers and so the need for costly price reductions is avoided.

What is Staging?


Home Staging is  preparing  a home to sell by a trained professional who specializes in understanding the buyer demographic and  current market trends.  Some Realtors and home sellers will say that they have already “staged” their homes only to find that they will be lowering their price within the month.  There is a vast difference between a home that was simply de-cluttered and cleaned and one that was professionally staged!  Creating the “model home” look is not easily achieved without the help of a trained professional.


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